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Belt Wrestling

ALYSH BELT WRESTLING is one of five Associated Styles that is recognized by United World Wrestling.

Weight Classes: 60kg, 70kg, 80kg, 90kg,100kg,+100kg

The word "Alysh" meaning "fighting to determine the strongest" finds its roots in ancient Turkish and was chosen by the International Federation of Wrestling on Belts to embody the bringing together of all belt wrestling styles practiced throughout the world. The belt wrestling matches take place over a period of 5 minutes for men and 4 minutes for women. The competitors wear white trousers and either a blue or a green jacket held tight by a flexible red belt. While holding each other's belt, they try to throw their opponent to the mat. The technical points are awarded according to the amplitude of the throws: 1 point if the opponent lands on a knee or buttocks, 2 points if the opponent lends sideways or on a hip, and 6 points if the opponent lends on the back. The first competitor who scores 6 points wins the match. The rules adopted are purposely simple so that all national belt wrestling styles can express themselves within a generic form of the discipline.


Ana Mohr 
Belt Representative