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Pahlavani Wrestling

Photo of Pahlavani wrestling courtesy of United World Wrestling

PAHLAVANI WRESTLING is one of five Associated Styles that is recognized by United World Wrestling
Weight Classes: 60kg, 70kg, 80kg, 90kg,100kg,+100kg

The 2018 UWW World Pahlavani Championship was held October 12-13 in Tehran, Iran, with wrestlers from more than 40 different nations entered.

The origin of “Pahlavani wrestling” goes back to ancient Persia and was said to have been practiced by mythological heroes in battles. In fact, Pahlavani Wrestling was originally used to train warriors. It combines martial arts and wrestling techniques, calisthenics, strength training and epic music.  This Iranian traditional style of wrestling features two competitors trying to throw the opponent to his back.

In Pahlavani, the wrestlers wear pants which extend from the waist to below the knees and a belt which can be grabbed and used with trips and holds to lift and throw an opponent.

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Khashayar Sarrafi, 
USA WRESTLING, Director of Pahlavani Wrestling Program
USA WRESTLING- Associate Styles Committee, Pahlavani Wrestling