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BattleSkin was formed by a team of elite world class coaches and contact sports insiders, as well as a team of the most innovative research scientists. Their products have been known to prevent and treat many types of skin infection, many of which are common occurrences with wrestlers. Currently, BattleSkin offers a dry spray application of their pharmaceutical patented system to provide perfect distribution of coverage to the skin.

BattleSkin is the "Skin Education Central" company that assists with answers to all skin infections! Our doctors, chemists, pharmacists are cutting edge, along with wrestling coaches that understand the issues of compromised skin.

BattleSkin has taken several years of research to build the most viable skin product in the world to keep wrestlers on the mat. Our patented pharmaceutical blend along with the aerosol delivery system has been the proven product of coaches, parents and wrestlers as the most effective weapon on the war against skin infection.

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