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Future Olympians Rankings

The Future Olympian Rankings will be using a new method to calculate rankings for the 2018-19 season. Instead of a cumulative scored based on the number of event placements and wins at specified events, a percentage will be calculated for each wrestler based on their performance at specified events (similar to the TrackWrestling rankings).

The rankings will NOT be broken down by weight class, but simply a recognition based on age group. Therefore there is no penalty or reward for changing weight classes throughout the season. Rankings will be calculated based on the specified events listed that fall within the 2018-19 Membership Year (September 1st – August 31st).

Please read through all the rules (see tabs to the left; Age Groups, Ranking Calculations, and Recognition & Rules) to make sure you understand age groups, eligibility, and rank values.

2018-2019 Future Olympian Ranking

Coming Soon !!

Please update your wrestler's Bio detail and mailing address in the USAW membership system

How to find your wrestler in the rankings:

1. Click on the age group and weight class your wrestler competes in

2. Hit "Control + F" on your keyboard (or "Command + F" on a Mac)

3. Type your wrestler's first name in the search box

4. Click on "next" until you come across your wrestler's name