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NEW Registration

NEW Registration through USAWMEBERSHIP.COM. In order to have the correct club affiliation, each individual athlete and coaches membership profile must have the correct USAW sanctioned club listed.


In order to provide the best competition environment while accommodating all participating athletes, USA Wrestling has established a specific policy regarding coaches' credentials at the 2019 Senior World Team Trials Challenge Tournament. Each club with multiple athletes will be allowed up to five (5) non-transferable coach’s credentials. Athletes wrestling unattached or single athletes from a club will be allowed up to two (2) non-transferable coach’s credentials. 

Number of Athletes                        Number of Coaches Credentials

             1-3                                                          2

              4                                                            3

              5+                                                          5

In the event a club requires more coaches then allowed allotment, each additional coach will be charged $20.00 to obtain a coaching credential. Payment for each additional credential must be made at accreditation. All coaches must have USAW Leader Membership as well the BRONZE Coaches Certification.

Senior WTT Challenge Athletes/Coaches Registration Link:

Coaches who fail to register by Friday, May 10, 2019, will be charged a $40.00 late processing fee to attend the 2019 World Team Trials Challenge Tournament. Coaches can still register through the membership website and pay the processing fee in advance until Tuesday, May 14th, 2019 11:59 PM MT. Other wise you will have to register on-site and pay the late processing fee. CASH ONLY

FLOOR PASSES ARE REQUIRED FOR FLOOR ACCESS. Floor passes will only be issued to those individuals with a current USAW Leader Membership Card.

All coaches that wish to gain access to the competition floor to coach athletes must have a current USA Wrestling Coaches Card. All USA Wrestling Leader Membership Cards MUST be attained prior to the event, due to mandatory background checking. For a USAW Leader Membership Card, please click HEREPLEASE ALLOW UP TO 30 DAYS FOR COMPLETION OF USAW LEADER MEMBERSHIP/BACKGROUND CHECK PROCESS.