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Only those individuals with a current USAW Coaches Membership Card and are a minimum USAW NCEP Bronze certified are eligible to coach a Junior National Dual Team. All coaches must attain their USAW NCEP Bronze certification prior to this event.


All coaches that wish to gain access to the competition floor to coach athletes must have a current USA Wrestling Coaches Card. All USA Wrestling Coaches Membership Cards MUST be attained prior to the event, due to mandatory background checking. For a Coaches Membership Card, please click HEREPLEASE ALLOW UP TO 30 DAYS FOR COMPLETION OF USAW COACHES MEMBERSHIP/BACKGROUND CHECK PROCESS.


State teams will be granted floor passes to access the competition area. Each team will be limited to 4 coaches passes and 1 team leader per team per style.  Team Leader MUST have a current Wrestling Leader membership and Coaches MUST have both a current Wrestling Leader membership and be Bronze Certified.