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Weigh In

Athletes must be present in a singlet and must submit to a skin disease screening prior to weigh-in. The chief medical officer has full authority without appeal in determining the eligibility of an athlete to compete.

In the event of injury or illness, no contestant will be permitted to continue the competition without approval of the Chief Medical Officer, whose decision is final and not subject to appeal.

Transgender Policy

USA Wrestling deems it necessary to ensure, insofar as possible, that transgender athletes are not excluded from the opportunity to participate in wrestling competitions. As such, USA Wrestling’s Gender Policy is based on the results and guidelines of the IOC actions.

Please read the transgender policy document in its entirety in order to understand the guidelines USA Wrestling follows in regards to transgender athletes competing at USA Wrestling events.  

Weigh-ins Schedule:
Weigh Ins will be conducted in Sports Center II (OTC Wrestling Room)

All wrestlers must be dressed in a UWW approved, high-cut competition singlet for weigh-ins. No weight allowance is given for the singlet. All weigh-ins will be conducted in kilograms. SCRATCH WEIGHT!

Thursday, January 24                                                                 
GR  – Medical examination & Weigh-in
(55kg, 60kg, 63kg, 67kg, 72kg)                             
7:30AM - 8:00AM

WW - Medical examination & Weigh-in
(50kg, 53kg, 55kg, 57kg, 59kg, 62kg, 65 kg)     

Friday, January 25                                                               
GR  – Medical examination & Weigh-in
(77kg, 82kg, 87kg, 97kg, 130kg)                          

WW - Medical examination & Weigh-in
(68kg, 72kg, 76kg)                                                   

FS– Medical examination & Weigh-in
(57kg, 61kg, 65kg)                                                       

Saturday, January 26                                                 
FS  – Medical examination & Weigh-in
(70kg, 74kg, 79kg, 86kg, 92kg, 97kg, 125kg)