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Red and Blue high-cut singlets, or red/blue high-cut reversible singlet with under briefs required.

For the women's division, a collegiate or women's singlet is required and a sleeveless sport top is to be worn under the singlet (no t-shirts).

The back of the singlet should include the wrestler's last name and country code, as per UWW regulations.

New approved UWW uniforms are required. 

New UWW Uniforms guidelines:

  • Diverse colored uniforms to represent countries
  • Third party identification clarity
  • Light & Dark versions of the uniform
  • Red & Blue markings on the leg of the singlet for scoring



Coaches must wear athletic apparel. This includes warm-up pants and athletic shoes. Per UWW regulations, jeans, shorts, and dress shoes are not allowed. Dress pants and athletic shoes are permissible.