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Girls Folkstyle Duals

Dual Team Costs

$500 per team
$40 per draw team individual (or $80 without hotel coupon code)

Below are a few key pieces of information regarding the Girls Folkstyle Duals.

Dual teams must be approved by the state association in order to enter the Girls Folkstyle Duals.  If individuals are not on their state approved dual team(s), they are able to participate on a Draw Team (provided they have state association approval).  State approved dual teams shall only be composed of athletes from that state.

USA Wrestling Dual Tournament rules will apply to the tournament with the exception of NFHS scoring rules instead of UWW rules.


Junior: Born 9/1/1999 and after PLUS currently enrolled in grades 9-12
Weights: 100, 106, 112, 117, 122, 127, 132, 138, 144, 152, 164, 180, 200, 225

16U (2003-2004) are eligible to compete on state teams and draw teams.

Bracketing & Rules

National Federation of State High School Association scoring rules will govern the competition for the 9U, 12U, 14U, 16U, and Junior divisions.

When possible, wrestlers from the same state, club, or school will also be separated.

Team and Athlete Limitations

7.1. For the 14U, 16U, and Junior divisions, the team entries shall be limited to two (2) teams per state per style unless approved by the State organization.  

For the Women’s Junior division, the team entries shall be limited to 16 freestyle teams.

7.2. Each team must be comprised of the following number of athletes:

14U – minimum 9; maximum 27
16U – minimum 9; maximum 27
Junior Men – minimum 8; maximum 24
Junior Women – minimum 8; maximum 24